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Smart technology in cars draws consumer interest, survey says
By Insure.com staff

Almost half of consumers would be comfortable using a driverless car--a computerized vehicle that finds its way to a destination by the owner's command, according to a new survey by Accenture, a global consulting and technology services company.

The survey queried more than 2,000 British and American consumers about embedded computer technology in machines, appliances, electronic devices and vehicles.

Overall, most respondents said they are willing to pay more for intelligent, better-performing devices and look to embedded technology for new features that help them save money and make life easier.

Consumers expressed interest in a variety of new vehicle features:

  • Forty-nine percent said they would be comfortable operating an autonomous computer-driven car
  • Sixty-two percent were very or somewhat interested in a car sensor and device that would monitor the driver's level of concentration and automatically take evasive action when accidents were about to occur
  • More than half, 63 percent, were very or somewhat interested in a car sensor that would record distance traveled in a given month and gauge driving quality to optimize car insurance rates

Some car insurance companies already offer pay-as-you-drive programs, which use technology to track mileage and driving habits to provide discounts for low mileage and safe driving habits, such as gentle braking.






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