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Car thieves don't care for the Toyota Prius
By Insure.com staff

Car thieves apparently aren't taken with the Toyota Prius, according to a new report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and those who do target the distinctive vehicles don't hang onto them for long.

The top-selling hybrid vehicle has an exceptionally low theft rate and markedly high recovery rate. Among 2008 to 2010 model year Toyota Prius vehicles, just one in 606 was reported stolen. The average theft rate for all vehicles in those model years is one in 78.

Almost 97 percent of stolen Prii (the plural of Prius) are recovered, with an average recovery time of 23.6 days. Since they were introduced in 2000 through the first half of this year, 2,439 Prii were reported stolen. Of those vehicles, just 80 were still missing as of Sept. 30, 2012.

In California, 1,062 Prii were reported stolen, more than in any other state. The other top states for Prius thefts:

  • Florida (127)
  • New York (111)
  • Washington (92)
  • and Texas (89).

California tops the list because more of the vehicles are sold there than in any other state. The Prius was the top selling new car in California in 2012, according to the California New Car Dealers Association.

Nationwide, with over 1.2 million sold as of April 2012, the Toyota Prius makes up half of all the hybrids on the road.

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