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College-educated adults may have better life insurance coverage
By Insure.com staff

College-educated adults tend to have better life insurance coverage than others, but Americans overall still don't have the coverage they require, according to Genworth Financial's LifeJacket Study.

Adults who either attended or graduated from college have 2.5 times as much life insurance coverage as high school graduates without college degrees and persons who did not finish high school.

"For adults with a high school diploma or less, 60 percent don't have any life insurance, while only 44 percent of college educated adults have gone without," Janet Deskins, Genworth senior vice president for life insurance products, said in a press statement.

Deskins said most Americans – including those with a college education – still remain inadequately insured.

"For what it costs to buy about three cups of coffee a month, a person could add enough additional coverage to meet their current needs," she said. 

Genworth provides a life insurance calculator at its website that can help consumers determine how much coverage they need.

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