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Erie Insurance offers new feature to lock in car insurance rates
By Insure.com staff

Erie Insurance is offering customers the chance to lock in car insurance rates on their auto insurance policies.

The feature, called Rate Lock, lets drive maintain the same car insurance rates for as long as their policies remain in force, unless they make one of three changes--add or remove a new driver or vehicle or change their address.

"Given today's uncertain economy, what we heard from our customers was a desire for predictability with their auto insurance coverage. So we decided to take accident forgiveness to the next level and give our customers the opportunity to lock in rates indefinitely unless they make one of three changes to their policy," Ann Zaprazny, senior vice president, East Region, Erie Insurance, said in a prepared statement. "Traditionally, insurance companies will raise rates after an accident or apply inflationary increases at time of renewal. With Erie Rate Lock, our customers won't feel punished with rate increases and they know we are listening. That's why more than 90 percent of customers stay with us year after year."

Erie Insurance, the second largest auto insurer in Pennsylvania, launched a new website, Dontpunishme.com, for those interested in taking advantage of the rate lock feature and getting a quote.

Erie Insurance offers a full line of property/casualty insurance products, including auto, homeowners and commercial insurance, as well as life insurance and annuities.





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