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Confusion over health care reform law is increasing
By Insure.com staff

Six months after being enacted, the new health care reform law that will require most people to buy health insurance coverage and most employers to provide coverage by 2014 has many Americans confused, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation's September Health Tracking Poll.

More than half of the people surveyed, 53 percent, say they're confused. This is an increase of 8 percentage points since August and it’s at its highest level since April, according to the poll. Many people still have misperceptions about what the law means and how it applies to them. About 30 percent of seniors mistakenly think the law will allow government panels to make end-of-life health care decisions for Medicare recipients.

The public still remains divided on health insurance reform, but favorable opinions are gaining slightly, according to Kaiser. Almost half, 49 percent, say they favor the law, versus 40 percent who don't like it. The division is closer among likely voters this fall - 46 percent in favor and 45 percent opposing the law. Overall, 26 percent of Americans think the law should be repealed.

According to Kaiser, health care reform is not the top issue for voters and it does not appear to provide a clear advantage to one party over the other. The No. 1 issue for every age group of voters is the economy and jobs.

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