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Cigna launches international individual medical insurance plan
By Insure.com staff

CIGNA, a global health services and financial company, launched an individual medical insurance plan providing access to health care across international boundaries. The product represents a new area of focus for the company's expatriate global benefits operation, a leader in the group employer market.

"Our knowledge and strength in the group market, coupled with our expertise in direct marketing, presented a natural opportunity to offer the same access to quality health care to individuals that we currently provide to organizations," Andrew Kieity, president of the company's International Expatriate Benefits division, said in a statement.

The plan is designed for globally mobile people who want easy access to high-quality health care around the world, the company said. The core health insurance benefits cover hospitalization, surgery, emergency care, cancer treatment and maternity.

Customers can purchase additional benefits, including coverage for outpatient treatments, prescription drugs and doctors visits, preventive and wellness care, routine vision and dental exams. If required treatment is not available in the local country, plan participants will also have the option to transfer tot he nearest world-class medical facility.



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