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State Farm announces iPad app for consumers who are relocating
By Insure.com staff

State Farm introduced an Apple iPad application that helps people who are relocating plan their moves and create inventories of their belongings.

Maintaining up-to-date household inventories helps consumers know how much renters or home insurance coverage they need and lays the groundwork for a smooth process when filing claims.

With "MoveTools," users can customize a weekly moving checklist and create and print "smart labels" with digital QR Codes. The labels can be read by smart phones with barcode reading applications. With a scan of the label on a box, the phone displays what's inside.

State Farm says this is the first application from an insurer to help with relocation. In August, the company released the insurance industry's first Android widget, "On the Move," aimed at combating the issue of distracted driving.

A variety of car insurance companies, including State Farm, have released smart phone applications to help drivers collect information and file claims after car accidents.

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