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Insurance company introduces new home inventory application
By Insure.com staff

American Family Insurance has introduced a free home inventory software application called DreamVault to make it easier for renters and homeowners to protect their belongings.

The application is available to anyone -- not just American Family customers -- on the insurer's website. There is an app for iPhone and Android users. A Spanish language version also is available.

"Creating an online inventory using DreamVault not only makes it easier to recover from an unforeseen event like a fire or theft, but also helps users make sure they have the right type and amount of insurance coverage," Bill Simon, director of digital marketing at American Family, said in a press statement.

To upload an item on the home inventory application, the user enters the item category, description, purchase date, value, serial number and a photo. The mobile version includes a speech-to-text function, provided by Nuance Communications, Inc., that lets a user enter items verbally.

Once information is uploaded, users can generate reports by room or category and then email the reports to their insurance agents, regardless of their insurance carriers. Agents can identify whether any items require different types or amounts of coverage to be protected.

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