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12 percent of Northeast homeowners report recent hurricane and tropical storm damage
By Insure.com staff

Among Northeastern residents, 12 percent reported damage to their homes from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, according to an Ipsos Public Affairs survey released Sept. 22.

Water took a greater toll on homes than wind, the poll found. Ten percent of Northeasterners reported water damage, and 4 percent cited wind damage. Six percent said they had contacted their insurance companies to report the damage. Twelve percent of those polled in the Northeast had filed claims due to storms and hurricanes prior to Irene and Lee.

The poll also took the pulse of nationwide opinions about home insurance companies and the industry in general, revealing mixed findings. A quarter of residents surveyed nationally expressed a favorable opinion toward home insurance companies, and 8 percent expressed a negative opinion, according to Ipsos' monthly "I-Rep Insurance Advisor."

In the Northeast, 29 percent expressed a positive view of home insurance companies, and 7 percent expressed a negative view--slightly better than the previous month when only 22 percent said they had a positive view, and 8 percent held a negative view.

The insurance industry's overall reputation remains negative nationwide with 41 percent expressing an unfavorable opinion versus 21 percent expressing a positive opinion of the industry.


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