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Farmers Insurance warns of check scams
By Insure.com staff

Scam artists are conning consumers by mailing them fake Farmers Insurance checks with letters asking them to cash the checks and send a portion of the money to win or earn even more.

The checks are usually for less than $5,000 and accompanied by official-looking letters telling residents they're in the "U.K. & North America Consumer Promotions Draw" or some other sweepstakes. The letters instruct them to cash the checks and send a portion to the address listed. Or others say the check is for becoming a "mystery shopper" for a consumer research project and instruct the recipient to send a portion of the money to get started.

"Don't do it, the check is bogus and will bounce when deposited, and if you send a personal check, money from your bank account will disappear," Melissa Arnson, Farmers Insurance Group's corporate security investigations manager. "All of these scams are designed to steal your money."

She advises consumers to throw away such offers. The insurance company is working with authorities across the country to catch the scam artists. Anyone who receives a Farmers Insurance check along with a shady offer and has any questions or wants to report it can call the Farmers security hotline at 323-932-7171.


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