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Insurance industry ranks low for social media savvy
By Insure.com staff

The insurance industry was named among the top 50 social-media savvy industries in the "Fall 2010 Social Business Report" by NetProspex, although the industry ranked low on the list.

Insurance companies came in at No. 42 with a so-called NetProspect Social Index score of 15.3.

Search engines and online portals were ranked No. 1, with an index score of 98.74, followed by advertising and marketing, banking, traditional media, and toys and games. Funeral homes and funeral-related services came in at No. 50 with an index score of 12.09. Some huge industries, such as health care, didn't make the list, period.

NetProspex ranked industries by mining its database of business contacts and analyzing employees' use of top social networks, including Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. The index included the number of employees with at least one social media profile, the average number of connections per employee across major social networks and the average number of tweets, number of followers and the number of users following.

"A Twitter user name is becoming just as important as a phone number to reach and engage with customers and prospects," the report stated.

San Francisco was ranked the No. 1 most social-media savvy city, followed by San Jose, Calif.


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