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Louisiana emergency insurance rules take effect
By Insure.com staff

Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon has announced emergency rules to give policyholders greater protection and flexibility in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac.

Authorized by an executive order from Gov. Bobby Jindal, the provisions are in effect for Louisiana residents until Sept. 25. They include:

  • Policyholders with health insurance can receive out-of-network medical care without paying a penalty. Restrictions on dispensing drugs are lifted, so consumers can receive a 30-day supply of a prescription medication without penalty.
  • The due date for insurance premiums that were due on or after Aug. 26 is extended to Sept. 25 for any policyholders affected by the hurricane.
  • Insurance companies cannot cancel or nonrenew any policies during the time period.
  • Insurers cannot cancel or nonrenew any insurance policies because of a Hurricane Isaac claim.
A copy of the emergency rules is available on the Louisiana Department of Insurance website. They are similar to those issued by the department following Hurricane Gustav in 2008.

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