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Progressive says 70 million could save money on car insurance
By Insure.com staff

More than 70 million U.S. drivers could lower their car insurance rates by participating in insurance programs that give discounts for low mileage and good driving habits, according to Progressive Insurance.

The company, which offers such a program, based its estimate on a poll conducted for the insurer by Harris Interactive.

According to the survey, half of respondents say they drive less than 12,000 miles per year, lower than the national average of 13,476 annual miles. Most drivers, 84 percent, define themselves as cautious or defensive, and 88 percent are never or rarely on the road between midnight and 4 a.m., the most dangerous hours to drive, according to Progressive.

Progressive says customers in its Snapshot program can save up to 30 percent on car insurance and those who have earned discounts have already saved more than $30 million, an average of about $150 per driver per year.

Snapshot discounts are based on real-time collection of a customer's driving habits. The Snapshot device uses telematics and plugs into a car's onboard diagnostic port. The Progressive survey found that 63 percent of American drivers would allow their auto insurer to gather this real-time information if it led to possible savings.

Progressive's own data, based on an analysis of more than 1 million daily trips and almost 3 billion driving miles, suggests that Snapshot customers are 20 percent less likely to receive a ticket for a moving violation and 10 percent less likely to be in an accident than other drivers.

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