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New York ranks car insurance companies based on consumer complaints
By Insure.com staff

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. tops the list of 167 car insurance companies in New York with the fewest number of complaints per premium dollar, according to the annual consumer complaint ranking report by the New York Insurance Department.

Other insurers in the top five for fewest number of complaints relative to business size were, in order of ranking, Adirondack Insurance Exchange, Amica Mutual Insurance Co., Phoenix Insurance Co. and Great Northern Insurance Co.

The annual ranking report accounts only for complaints the department receives from consumers. It does not include complaints made directly to insurance companies. When seeking auto insurance quotes, shoppers are encouraged to check how their potential insurer ranks.  

The complaint ratio is calculated by the number of complaints upheld against companies as a percentage of their total private passenger car insurance business in the state, using an average of two years' premium data. An upheld complaint occurs when state regulators agree with the consumer that the car insurance company acted inappropriately.

The average complaint ratio for insurers was .10 per $1 million in premiums - about one upheld complaint for every $9.7 million in premiums paid.

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