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Obama insurance gift is no croc
By Insure.com staff

As leader of the free world, President Barack Obama faces all sorts of risks. But at least he can rest assured he's covered for one unusual mishap--attack by crocodile.

During a stop in Darwin, Australia, Obama accepted a tongue-in-cheek gift from Northern Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson--a $50,000 crocodile insurance policy.

"My wife, Michelle, will be relieved," Obama quipped in an address to U.S. and Australian troops stationed in the Northern Territory. "I have to admit when we reformed health care in America, crocodile insurance is one thing we left out."

The policy will pay out $50,000 to Michelle Obama in the unlikely event that one of the region's infamous reptiles attacks the president, Reuters reported.

The Northern Territory, where portions of the movie "Crocodile Dundee" were filmed, is famous for its saltwater crocodiles.

Obama was in Darwin Nov. 17 as part of his trip to Australia to strengthen relationships and promote security in the Pacific.

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