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Ohio and Vermont: the most free states for buying and selling insurance
By Insure.com staff

Insurance markets in Vermont and Ohio have the lightest regulatory burdens of any states, according to The Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based think tank that promotes free-market solutions.

In its fourth annual state-by-state report card on the home and car insurance industry, the institute noted a modest trend toward less government regulation.

"Although state-level insurance bureaucracies make it difficult, sometimes impossible, for insurers to offer consumers the products they need, want, and deserve, burdensome regulation shows signs of easing," Eli Lehrer, national director of the institute's Center on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate, wrote in the report released June 27.

In the state-by-state analysis, the institute said it considered two questions: "How free are consumers to choose the property and casualty insurance products they want?" and "How free are insurers to provide the property and casualty insurance products consumers say they want?"

The report card's top 10 states and their grades are:

  1. Vermont, A+
  2. Ohio, A+
  3. Illinois, A
  4. Maine, A
  5. Wisconsin, B+
  6. Arizona, B+
  7. North Dakota, B+
  8. Utah, B+
  9. Idaho, B+
  10. South Carolina, B+

The bottom 10 states on the report card are:

  1. Colorado, D+
  2. Tennessee, D
  3. Alaska, D
  4. Michigan, D-
  5. New York, D-
  6. Massachusetts, D-
  7. Hawaii, F
  8. Texas, F
  9. California, F
  10. Florida, F
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