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Texans scared of their own weather
By Insure.com staff

More than a third of Texans say spring storms in their state scare them, and they think the weather is getting worse every year, according to a new survey from Allstate Insurance Co.

The number of Texas hail and wind-related home insurance claims rose 5 percent, and lightning-related claims increased 52 percent for Allstate customers last year.

Of the 37 percent of Texans who find the weather frightening, 54 percent said tornadoes are the top concern, and 18 percent said wind was the most frightful. Another 15 percent said they were most concerned about hail.

Although 88 percent said they were prepared for this year's spring storm season, most haven't taken basic steps to get ready:

  • 60 percent reported they had not cleaned out their garage so they could park a car in it during a storm.
  • 65 percent said they had not reviewed a safety plan with family members, and 61 percent hadn't prepared areas in their home where they can take shelter in a tornado.
  • 70 percent said they had not completed a home inventory.
  • 52 percent said they had not located their insurance information.
Allstate recommends customers review their policies, talk to their agents and get prepared. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration offers severe weather tips on its website.

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