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State Farm offers price break to some Ford owners
By Insure.com staff

Ford Motor Company and State Farm are teaming up to offer a program that may result in a price break for owners of some Ford vehicles who drive fewer-than-average miles.

Drivers who own a Ford equipped with the company's SYNC technology and who enroll in State Farm's Drive Safe & Save program can slash their premiums by up to 40 percent, if they put limited miles on their vehicles.

Ford's SYNCH technology includes a feature known as a "Vehicle Health Report" that allows drivers to request a diagnostic report about their vehicle. The technology takes an odometer reading directly from the engine computer. State Farm uses this information to determine the driver's discount.

Everyone who joins the program saves about 5 percent on their premium immediately. Additional savings are determined by the number of miles a policyholder drives. State Farm says driving about 1,000 miles a month should result in a 10 percent savings. Policyholders who drive far less can nab discounts of up to 40 percent.

"We're excited to have Ford as a partner in this effort," Mike Wey, State Farm senior vice president, said in a press statement. "State Farm is always looking for better ways to serve our customers."

The program will launch in Utah before being rolled out to other states.

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