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State Farm accused of stonewalling Texas investigation
By Insure.com staff

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott recently launched an investigation into a State Farm proposal not to renew more than 11,000 insurance policies of homeowners along the Gulf Coast.

Now, Abbott is accusing State Farm of trying to prevent the inquiry from going forward.

On April 16, Abbott's office sent civil subpoenas known as "civil investigative demands" to State Farm Lloyds of Texas. In the subpoenas, the attorney general asked for information detailing State Farm's decision not to renew the homeowners insurance policies.

Shortly after, State Farm responded with a lawsuit intended to modify or dismiss the attorney general's request for information, according to a report on the Insurance Journal website.

In a press statement, Abbot accused State Farm of trying to "prevent the Attorney General's Office from investigating" the nonrenewals.

"Given the number of Texans that are affected, we want to ensure that State Farm complies with the law. If State Farm has not done anything wrong, it's certainly curious that they would go to court just to avoid the state's subpoenas," Abbott said in the press statement.

Abbott says that State Farm Lloyds has not produced any documents in response to his office's subpoenas. 

State Farm says it filed the lawsuit to "preserve its rights," according the Insurance Journal report.

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