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Allstate's Safe Driving Challenge hits the road
By Insure.com staff

Allstate's Safe Driving Challenge is on a cross-country tour this summer to give teens and their families behind-the-wheel lessons on the importance of safe driving.

The tour will visit 23 cities, giving participants the chance to navigate through a professional, closed course while texting, talking on the phone and dealing with rowdy riders without veering off the path or hitting obstacles. The purpose is to highlight the dangers of distracted driving, which contributes to 25 percent of police-reported traffic accidents.

Crashes increase insurer costs and raise car insurance rates.

Tour to promote graduating licensing law

The insurance company also seeks to raise awareness about the Safe Teen and Novice Uniform Protection Act, which will require new drivers to gain experienced under supervised and less-risky conditions.

A recent Allstate Foundation survey found that 74 percent of teens support a comprehensive graduated driver licensing law that includes an age 16 licensure start, nighttime and passenger restrictions, and cell phone and texting bans until the age of 18--the same provisions found in the STANDUP Act. National evaluations have found that graduating licensing programs can reduce up to 40 percent of crashes for 16- and 17-year-old drivers, Allstate said.

Safe Driving Challenge tour schedule

Allstate's Safe Driving Challenge will visit 23 cities in 2011, including:

June 16 - Tampa, Fla.

June 20 - Atlanta, Ga.

June 23 - Philadelphia, Pa.

June 27 - Harrisburg, Pa.

July 6 - Roanoke, Va.

July 8 - Baltimore, Md.

July 12 - Long Island, N.Y.

July 14 - Charlotte, N.C.

July 18 - Indianapolis, Ind.

July 21 - Springfield, Ill.

July 26 - Minneapolis, Minn.

July 29 - Omaha, Neb.

Aug. 2 - Memphis, Tenn.

Aug. 4 - Pensacola, Fla.

Aug. 9 - New Orleans, La.

Aug. 16 - Oklahoma City, Okla.

Aug. 19 - Denver, Colo.

Aug. 24 - Fresno, Cal.

Aug. 26 - San Francisco, Cal.

Aug. 30 - Anchorage, Alaska

Sept. 7 - Dallas, Texas

Sept. 9 - Houston, Texas

Sept. 15 - Seattle, Wash.

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