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Which city has the most aggressive drivers?
By Insure.com staff

Boston residents rank No. 1 among drivers who say they're aggressive behind the wheel, with 46 percent admitting to poor behavior, according to a new survey from Safeco Insurance.

New York and Los Angeles follow, with 38 percent of drivers admitting they're aggressive, and Denver motorists rank lowest, with 26 percent reporting driving aggressively.

Nationwide, 36 percent of drivers admit they're aggressive, according to the survey, yet 85 percent describe others' driving as aggressive, and 82 percent say they experience "negative feelings" because of the way other people drive.

The good news, Safeco says, is that almost three-quarters, 72 percent, of drivers say they would be willing to make at least one change to make driving more pleasant for others.

Safeco is capitalizing on that willingness by launching the "Drive It Forward Fridays" campaign to encourage people to be more considerate on the road.

"Small gestures can further driver safety and also propel the recipients of that goodwill to pass it on to other drivers," Safeco marketing vice president Eric Trott said in a press statement. "By encouraging drivers to be more conscious of those around them, Safeco hopes to raise awareness of the types of behavior that can make a difference on the roadways."

To take part, drivers can visit the campaign's website (www.safeco.com/diff), or use the hashtag #DIFF to pledge to be a more courteous driver and share how they're accomplishing the goal.

Most of the surveyed drivers thought stopping the following behaviors would make driving more pleasant for everybody:

  • Cutting off other drivers (59 percent)
  • Using high beams toward oncoming traffic (57 percent)
  • Tailgating (56 percent)

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