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Glossary of insurance terms

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Blue CrossBlue Shield
Consolidate Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)D&O
GAAP accountingGAC
ISOInsurance in force
Medicare supplement insuranceMedigap
TPATriple X
accelerated benefitsaccident
accident and health combined ratioaccident and health expense ratio
accident and health loss ratioaccident report form
accidental bodily injuryaccidental death benefits
account currentaccount selling
accounts receivable insuranceaccredited adviser in insurance
accumulation periodactual cash value (ACV)
actuaryadjustable life insurance
adjusted cash flowadjusted cash flow/benefits paid
adjusteradverse selection
age limitsagency underwriter
agentaggregate exposure, gross
aggregate exposure, netaggregate indemnity
all-risksallocated benefits
alternate delivery systemalternate settlement option
ambulatory careamendment
annuity certainannuity consideration
assigned risk plansassignment
association groupaudit
audited premiumauto liability
auto medical paymentsauto physical damage coverage
auto replacement coverageautomatic premium loan
automobile insurance plansbad faith
binding receiptblanket contract
blanket medical expensebond insurance
bond portfolio average maturitybroker
business insurancebusiness life insurance
cancer insurancecapita
capital adequacy ratiocapital and surplus
capital chargecapitation
case base reservecash & short-term investments
cash valuecede
ceding commissioncertificate
class action lawsuitco-insurance
co-paymentcollateral assignment
collision insurancecombination plans
combined ratiocomprehensive insurance
comprehensive medical expense insurancecomputer insurance
conditional claim rateconforming mortgages
consideration clausecontingency reserve
contingency reservecontract underwriting
contributory planconventional health plan
conversion privilegeconvertible term insurance
coordination of benefits (COB)cost containment
cost indexcost-of-living rider
coveragecovered expenses
credit insurancecredit life insurance
cumulative claim ratecurrent assumption whole life insurance
debt leveragedebt/capitalization ratio
deferred annuitydeferred group annuity
delegated underwritingdelinquency
demutualizationdeposit administration group annuity
deposit term insurancediagnosis-related groups (DRG)
direct first-year & single premiumsdisability
disability benefitdisability income insurance
disability insurancedismemberment
disposable personal incomedividend
dividend additiondual life insurance
duplication of coverageearned premium
earnings adequacy ratioearthquake insurance
effective dateeligibility date
eligibility periodeligible employees
elimination periodendowment
enrollment cardequity assets
equity assets/capitaevidence of insurability
excess of loss reinsuranceexclusions (exceptions)
exclusive provider organizations (EPO)expectation of life
expense ratioexperience
experience ratingexperience refund
exposure in forceextended term insurance
face amountfacultative reinsurance
family care expensesfamily policy
financial intermediationfinancial leverage
financial strengthfixed charge coverage
fixed-income assetsflat schedule
flexible premium deferred annuityflexible premium policy or annuity
flexible premium variable life insuranceflood insurance
franchise insurancefraternal life insurance
general expense ratiogeneral expenses
grace periodgroup annuity
group life insuranceguaranteed insurability
guaranteed renewable contracthealth insurance
health maintenance organization (HMO)high risk pools
hospicehospital indemnity insurance
hospital medical insuranceidentity fraud
immediate annuityincontestable clause
incurred claimsindemnity
individual insuranceindividual policy pension trust
individual retirement account (IRA)industrial life insurance
injury independent of all other meansinland marine insurance
insurabilityinsurable interest
insurable riskinsurance
insurance examinerinsured
insuring clauseintegration
invested assetskey-person insurance
lapselapse ratio
lapsed policylegal reserve
legal reserve life insurance companylender captive reinsurance
level premiumlevel premium insurance
liability insurancelife annuity
life expectancylife insurance in force
lifetime disability benefitlimited payment life insurance
limited policyliquidity margin of safety
liquidity ratioliving benefits
loadlong term care
long term care insurancelong-term disability income insurance (LTD)
loss mitigationloss ratio
loss reservemajor medical expense insurance
managed caremandatory rehabilitation
manual premium ratemargin of safety
master policymaximum monthly benefit
minimum groupminimum premium plan
miscellaneous expensemodified life insurance
morbiditymortality table
mortgage insurancemultiline discount
multiline insurermultiple employer trust (MET)
mutual holding companymutual life insurance company
net capital gainsnet exposure to capital and surplus ratio
net exposure to statutory capital rationet income
net investment income rationet operating income
net premiums writtennet premiums/gross premiums
net reserves/gross reservesno-fault insurance
non-forfeiture optionnon-forfeiture values
non-medical limitnon-participating insurance
non-participating policynoncancellable policy
noncontributory plannondisabling injury
nonoccupational policynonparticipating policy
nonprofit insurersnonrenewal clause
occupational hazardsoperating cash flow
operating cash flow/benefits paidoperating leverage
operating leverage adjusted for policy loansoperating ratio
optional renewable policyordinary life insurance
overhead expense insurancepaid-up insurance
par in forcepar written, gross
par written, netpartial disability
participating insuranceparticipating policy
payout periodperformance notes
permanent life insurancephysician's expense insurance
policypolicy loan
policy reservespolicy term
policyholderpolicyholder dividend ratio
pool insurancepre-disability earnings
pre-existing conditionprecertification
preferred provider organization (PPO)premium
premium loanpremium revenue
premiums earned, grosspremiums earned, net
premiums written, grosspremiums written, net
prepaid group practice planpretax income
pretax operating incomeprimary insurance
primary insurerprincipal
principal sumproperty casualty
prospective paymentpublic adjuster
qualified annuityqualified impairment insurance
quota share reinsurancerated policy
ratingsreasonable and customary charge
recurrent disabilityrecurring claim provision
redliningreduced paid-up insurance
reinsurancereinsurance utilization
reinsurerrenewable term insurance
renewalrental reimbursement
replacement vs. actual cash valuereserve
reserves by lineresidual disability benefits
return on assets (ROA)return on revenue (ROR)
return on statutory capital (ROE)return on statutory surplus
return-to-work provisionrider
riskrisk classification
risk exposurerisk in force
risk managementrisk-based pricing
second-to-die life insuranceself-administration
self-insuranceseparate account
settlement optionsseverity
short-term disability income insurancesingle-premium whole life insurance
social security freezesolvency
special risk insurancespecified disease insurance
standard provisionsstandard risk
state (compulsory) disability planstate insurance department
state regulation of insurancestatutory accounting
statutory capitalstatutory surplus
stock life insurance companystop-loss insurance
straight life annuitysubrogation
substandard insurancesubstandard risk
supplemental insurancesupplementary contract
surchargesurgical expense insurance
surgical schedulesurplus share reinsurance
surrender chargesurvivorship insurance
tax treatment of life insurance paymentsterm insurance
term riderthird-party administration (TPA)
time limittitle insurance
tort reformtotal assets
total capitaltotal cash flow ratio
total disabilitytotal liabilities
total revenuetotaling
towing and labor coveragetravel accident policies
treaty reinsuranceumbrella liability
unallocated benefitsunderwriter
underwritingunderwriting cash flow ratio
underwriting profitability ratiounearned premium
unearned premium reserveuninsurables
uninsured/underinsured motorists coverageuniversal life insurance
vanishing premiumvariable annuity
variable life insurancewaiting period
waiver (exclusion endorsement)waiver of premium
whole life insurancewindstorm insurance
workers' compensationworkplace modification or accommodation
written premiumsyield on invested assets

Glossary of insurance terms

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Sources: American Council of Life Insurance, Health Insurance Association of America, and Standard & Poor's