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Quotesmith.com Begins Offering Instant No-Exam Whole Life Insurance Quotes

Quotesmith.com, Inc. (ticker: QUOT, exchange: NASDAQ) News Release - 4/20/1998

Quotesmith.com Begins Offering Instant "No-Exam" Whole Life Insurance Quotes

DARIEN, Illinois (April 20, 1998) -- Quotesmith.com has today announced the expansion of its instant insurance price comparison service to include instant quotes for "no-exam" final expense whole life insurance on the Internet at www.quotesmith.com.

Commenting on the introduction of this brand new insurance price comparison service, Quotesmith.com President Robert Bland remarked, "There's nothing like this anywhere else on the Internet. This is an exciting, new and useful insurance price comparison service for consumers because there is no other single public source for this information anywhere."

Bland continued, "Right now in America there are about 50 insurance companies offering final expense whole life insurance, which is also called "simplified issue" life insurance because most companies do not require any paramedical examinations, blood or urine samples. These streamlined underwriting features, combined with the traditional whole life guarantee of level premiums for life, appeal to older life insurance shoppers who want to avoid the hassles and delays associated with outside lab reports and paramed exams. These types of life insurance policies can also be suitable for people who have medical histories which prevent them from qualifying for lower-cost life insurance."

The company announced that quotes for final expense whole life insurance in policy face amounts of $2,000 to $100,000 are now immediately available for free on the World Wide Web at www.quotesmith.com.

On January 9, 1998 Quotesmith.com was named "Unquestionably the number one rating service on the Internet, by a very wide margin" by FBO Newsletter, a Raleigh, North Carolina publication.

Founded in 1984, Quotesmith.com currently provides instant quotes and policy information from over 300 leading insurance companies and allows visitors to request applications online. Quotesmith.com is currently providing instant quotes on several lines of insurance including term life insurance ($25,000 to $25 million), final expense whole life insurance, fixed annuities and medicare supplement insurance. Quotesmith.com guarantees that its Web site will show the lowest term life premiums available in America or pay a $500 cash reward to anyone who can show a lower premium from a company not listed.

Quotesmith.com has established itself as the Web's leading provider of instant insurance premium quotations and policy information through the advanced technology of its proprietary, continually-updated insurance pricing databases.

Quotesmith.com provides a free insurance price comparison service for consumers and operates a no-frills, online insurance application-ordering facility on the Internet which caters to the needs of self-directed individuals who prefer to make their own buying decisions without the involvement of face-to-face insurance salesmen.

In the first half of 1998, Quotesmith.com is projecting an expansion of its free insurance price comparison service to provide instant quotes from a total of 500 insurance companies and to begin providing instant, real-time quotes on medical insurance for individuals, families and small businesses

Within the last four years, the Quotesmith.com insurance price comparison service has been mentioned in Money, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Web, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Fortune, Investor's Business Daily, Good Housekeeping, Consumer Reports, SmartMoney, Home Office Computing, Profit, Nation's Business, Independent Business, Bottom Line, Worth Magazine, Entrepreneur and Consumers Digest.

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This communication appears as a matter of information only and is not an insurance solicitation. Accordingly, no employee of Quotesmith.com, Inc. is recommending or endorsing any specific insurance company, coverage or policy type within this communication. Some insurance companies appear at Quotesmith.com for purely informational purposes only and pay no compensation to Quotesmith.com and some insurers pay commissions to Quotesmith.com based upon premium volume. Quotesmith.com is a service mark of Quotesmith.com, Inc. All other names are trademarks of their respective owners. South Dakota agent #333509159, California agent #0827712, #OA13858. CA & UT dba Quotesmith.com Insurance Services. UT #90093. Copyright 1999. All rights reserverd. Quotesmith.com, Inc.


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