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Term Life Rates Plunge To All-Time Lows in 125 companies surveyed

Quotesmith.com, Inc. (ticker: QUOT, exchange: NASDAQ) News Release - 6/1/1999

Term Life Rates Plunge To All-Time Lows



DARIEN, Illinois (June 1, 1999) -- Quotesmith.com, Inc., a provider of instant insurance quotes from over 300 leading insurance companies on the Internet, has today released the results of an extensive term life insurance rate comparison study which compared the premiums of more than 125 different term life companies.

Commenting on current market prices, Quotesmith.com president Robert Bland said, "The term life rate war is still raging which presents a sound buying opportunity for consumers. Term life insurance rates are now at all-time lows. For consumers who have been considering buying a term policy which offers guaranteed premiums for 30, 25, 20, 15 or 10 years, it looks like now is an attractive time to apply."

In order to provide up-to-the-day accurate policy quotes and coverage information that is not available from any other single source, Quotesmith.com maintains a continually-updated insurance information database which tracks the premium rates, policy coverages and latest financial stability ratings of from over 300 leading insurance companies. Quotesmith.com guarantees that visitors to its Web site will find the lowest term life premiums available or receive a $500 cash reward. Quotesmith.com also backs the accuracy of all of its quotes with a $500 cash reward program.

Commenting on the usefulness of the comparative study, Bland continued, "Price variances of up to 500 percent exist in the marketplace among different companies for identical term coverage which underscores the importance of comparative shopping before you buy or renew any life insurance policy. The Quotesmith.com price comparison service makes it easy for people to instantly understand what the marketplace has to offer in terms of price, coverage and safety without having to deal with any insurance salesmen. Use of our free Internet insurance price comparison service has been known to cause instant self-education and the complete elimination of insurance confusion."

Instant, real-time quotes for life insurance amounts of $2,500 to $25 million are available at www.quotesmith.com 24 hrs. per day, 7 days per week. Each Quotesmith.com price comparison report shows the names of the companies, the latest A.M. Best, Duff & Phelps, Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Weiss ratings on each company, the plan acceptance guidelines and the premiums which are conveniently sorted by lowest cost.

$250,000 Term Life Sampler
Guaranteed Annual Premiums/Guaranteed Level Term Period

Female Premiums   Male Premiums
Age  10 Year  15 Year 20 Year 25 Year 30 Year
35 $103 $125 $145 $200 $208
40 $123 $158 $185 $238 $260
45 $190 $215 $253 $350 $388
50 $253 $290 $363 $495 $495
55 $365 $413 $550 $878 $1,065
60 $503 $615 $845 $2,178 $3,140
65 $775 $975 $1,633 $4,100 $5,450
70 $1,388 $1,600 $3,235 $7,220 $7,220
75 $2,275 $4,870 $6,560 $10,370 $12,420
Age 10 Year 15 Year 20 Year 25 Year 30 Year
35 $123 $138 $165 $230 $253
40 $148 $183 $225 $288 $335
45 $225 $300 $360 $490 $513
50 $338 $455 $525 $798 $828
55 $500 $670 $768 $1,640 $2,330
60 $783 $990 $1,335 $4,100 $4,100
65 $1,330 $1,650 $2,778 $5,270 $6,980
70 $2,473 $3,315 $5,380 $10,070 $10,070
75 $4,400 $7,443 $9,870 $13,640 $16,620

All policies shown are medically underwritten and are issued subject to underwriter's approval. Final premiums and coverage availability varies depending upon age, sex, state availability, hazardous activities, personal and family health history. Premiums shown above may include: Banner Life Ins. Co., Rockville, MD, form RT-97; Catholic Order of Foresters, Naperville, IL, form RTL; Federal Kemper Life/Fidelity Life Assoc./Zurich Kemper Life, Long Grove, IL, forms S-4007; First Penn-Pacific Life, Hoffman Estates, IL, form BT-1002AA(2-96), Control #B98-198(3/98); General Life Ins. Co., Edwardsville, IL, form 70006; Golden Rule Ins. Co., Indianapolis, IN, form GRI-L-17.1; Midland Life Ins. Company, Columbus, OH, form T356; Old Republic Life Ins. Co., Chicago, IL, form 8-1077, 8-1073, 8-1074, 8-1086, 8-1085; Security-Connecticut Life, Avon, CT, form 11420; Security Mutual Life, Binghampton, NY, form 2060; Valley Forge Life Ins. Co., Chicago, IL, form V100-1084; West Coast Life, San Francisco, CA, form 248-97. Rates shown above are not applicable to residents of FL, NJ & NY. Policy forms vary by state. Published by CA agent #0827712. Rate quotes shown above effective on the date of this communication and are subject to change without notice. To obtain an instant Quotesmith.com Price Comparison Report, visit www.quotesmith.com.

About Quotesmith
Quotesmith.com has pioneered and brought to market a unique Internet insurance price comparison service which provides instant quotes from over 300 leading insurance companies on several lines of insurance including auto, life, medical, dental, Medicare supplement and fixed annuities. Visitors to the Quotesmith.com site can easily and quickly access up-to-the-day accurate insurance pricing information and request applications from the insurance companies of their choice without having to deal with a commissioned insurance salesperson. In addition to providing policy pricing and coverage information that is not available from any other single source, Quotesmith.com also provides underwriting guidelines and the latest independent rating information from A.M. Best, Duff & Phelps, Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Weiss Ratings, Inc.

From 1984 to 1993 Quotesmith established itself as the No. 1 online insurance quotation vendor to the insurance agent & broker community. In 1993 Quotesmith halted its agent & broker automation activities and began providing quotes directly to information-hungry consumers and business owners by mail. In 1996 Quotesmith began providing real-time insurance quotes on the Internet. In November 1998 the company changed its name to Quotesmith.com, Inc.

The April 19, 1999 edition of Forbes said, "Quotesmith.com has the most effective way to bring comprehensive, objective insurance purchasing information to consumers and has made it easy for them to complete the purchase." In its July 1998 issue, Money magazine named Quotesmith.com, the Super-Deal "place to buy insurance online." Also in July 1998, SmartMoney Interactive, the online arm of SmartMoney magazine, rated Quotesmith.com, "The #1 site for online insurance quotes." In January 1998 Quotesmith.com was named "unquestionably the number one rating service on the Internet" by FBO Newsletter, a Raleigh, North Carolina publication.


This communication appears as a matter of information only and is not an insurance solicitation. Accordingly, no employee of Quotesmith.com, Inc. is recommending or endorsing any specific insurance company, coverage or policy type within this communication. Some insurance companies appear at Quotesmith.com for purely informational purposes only and pay no compensation to Quotesmith.com and some insurers pay commissions to Quotesmith.com based upon premium volume. Quotesmith.com is a service mark of Quotesmith.com, Inc. All other names are trademarks of their respective owners. South Dakota agent #333509159, California agent #0827712, #OA13858. CA & UT dba Quotesmith.com Insurance Services. UT #90093. Copyright 1999. All rights reserverd. Quotesmith.com, Inc.

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