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Insure.com launches updated Car Crash Safety Ratings Tool

Insure.com, Inc. (ticker: NSUR, exchange: NASDAQ) News Release - 09/09/2008

Insure.com launches updated Car Crash Safety Ratings Tool; enables car shoppers to instantly identify the safest cars of 1990 through 2009


DARIEN, Illinois (September 9, 2008) -- Insure.com, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSUR) today announced that it has launched an upgraded version of its Car Crash Safety Ratings Tool, which is a free, online information tool that conveniently displays car-safety data from both the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The new Car Crash Safety Ratings Tool enables consumers to quickly research the safety of over 3,000 models from 1990 through 2009. This new tool is available now at http://www.insure.com/articles/interactivetools/carcrash/carcrash.jsp.

"Car safety is of huge importance to consumers," remarked Amy Danise, Editor of Insure.com. "Our upgraded Car Crash Safety Ratings Tool ends car-safety confusion and delivers breakthrough ease of use by showing available car crash data on one screen. Now all car shoppers can know all the safety ratings of a particular car before they buy. Buying a safe car not only makes common sense, but also smart car shoppers can expect to be rewarded with years of lower car insurance premiums."

Previously, consumers had to wade through different Web sites or publications in order fully research car-crash tests.

One-of-a-kind information display

Insure.com has done the work for the consumer and made a reliable source for safety ratings for vehicles using two well-known sources of crash data -- something unprecedented for published ratings.

"Insure.com's car crash tool is one of the first of its kind -- the blending of government crash test results along with a privately funded insurance organization allows consumers to instantly compare two unique sets of crash data at once," said Insure.com IT Director Mike Zuccato. "The convenience factor is very high with this revamped tool."

The car crash tool is a reliable source of information for rollover resistance ratings, side-impact test results and frontal-impact results. It allows the consumer to instantly see how well a vehicle would protect their family in the most common kinds of crashes.

About Insure.com

Originally founded in 1984 as Quotesmith Corporation, Insure.com owns and operates a comprehensive consumer information service and companion insurance brokerage service that caters to the needs of self-directed insurance shoppers. Visitors to the Company's flagship Web site, www.insure.com, are able to obtain free, instant car insurance quotes, instant life insurance quotes, home, business and health insurance quotes from leading insurers and have the freedom to buy online or by phone from any company shown. Insure.com also plays home to over 2,000 originally authored articles on various insurance topics and also provides free insurance decision-making tools that are not available from any other single source. Insure.com generates revenues from receipt of industry-standard commissions, including back-end bonus commissions and volume-based contingent bonus commissions that are paid by participating insurance companies. We also generate advertising revenues from the sale of Web site traffic to various third parties. Shares of the Company's common stock trade on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol NSUR.

SOURCE:  Insure.com, Inc.


CONTACT: At Insure.com, Inc.
                 Amy Danise, Editor
                 (860)668-4882, adanise@insure.com

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