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Press release - What's more dangerous?

Insure.com, Inc. (ticker: NSUR, exchange: NASDAQ) News Release - 9/21/2009

What's More Dangerous?
Insure.com Looks at Everyday Risks,
from Vacuum Cleaners to Cars


DARIEN, Illinois (Sept. 21, 2009) -- When you're cleaning your house, should you be more scared of your washing machine or your vacuum cleaner? If you had to choose, should you ride with a teen driver or a 90-year-old driver? Insure.com asked Fred Kilbourne, actuary with The Kilbourne Company in San Diego, to provide answers to pressing questions about our everyday risks.

What's the most dangerous appliance in the house?

Washing machines are more likely to injure you but clothes dryers are more likely to kill you.  On the other hand, floor-care equipment causes more injuries than either washers or dryers.

What's more dangerous: Lightning or hail?

Lightning kills about 100 people annually in the United States, but there has been only one recorded instance of a hail kill.

What's more dangerous in the backyard: A trampoline or a swimming pool?

Beware of the swimming pool. Trampolines send nearly 100,000 people to the emergency room each year but cause very few deaths.  More than 1,000 Americans die each year in swimming pools.

What's more dangerous: Bees or sharks?

In this case, danger comes in small packages: You are 50 times more likely to be killed by a bee than by a shark.

What's more dangerous: A car or a gun?

You are substantially more likely to be killed by a car than by a gun.

What's more dangerous: Driving 20 mph drunk or driving 90 mph sober?

All things considered, it's more dangerous to drive 90 mph sober than to drive 20 mph drunk.

Fatalities can result from driving at even very low speeds, but the risk of death due to driving drunk at 20 mph is fairly low – unless the drunk gets in the way of a car going much faster. Also, the danger of going 90 mph is greater partly because the sober driver probably isn't going with the flow of traffic (a safety issue), and also because the relative force involved in a 90 mph crash is much greater than a 20 mph crash.

What's more dangerous: A teen driver or a 90-year-old driver?

You're probably better off riding with the old-timer than the teen. A small statistical sample indicates that the teen car-crash death rate is about triple the older drivers' death rate.

What's the most dangerous occupation in the United States?

Coal miner? Crab fisherman? No, the most dangerous occupation belongs to the President of the United States. Nine percent of our presidents have been assassinated.

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