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Press release: Insure.com's 2011 Santa Index: Santa Claus Worth Almost $133,000 This Year

December 13, 2011 (Foster City, CA) –  The 2011 Santa Index shows that the fantastic Old St. Nick’s efforts to spread joy are worth $132,950 this year, according to Insure.com research using wage data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The Santa Index lists the many duties we typically associate with Santa Claus and measures what it would cost to hire others to perform similar functions.

“We associate Santa with Christmas, of course, but one look at his resume will tell you that he’s truly a character for all seasons,” says Emmet Pierce, managing editor of Insure.com. “Santa, as the story goes, was a multitasker before it became trendy: animal trainer, toy factory executive, aerial navigator, labor negotiator and an ambassador for the holiday spirit -- this guy does it all.”

Here are some highlights from the Santa Index, based on BLS wage data for the closest matching occupations which we’d attribute with his persona:

  • To cover his administrative duties, Insure.com gave him the title of manufacturing executive. Under the BLS description, hourly pay and days of work per year (364) bring his pay for this task to about $109,841.
  • Fifteen days of professional shopping come in at a cost of $2,388. After all, even Santa and his elves need to buy some of their gifts.
  • Santa really knows his way around wrapping paper and bows. Add in 14 days of professional wrapping and his annual worth rises by another $1,786.
  • Finding someone else to read children’s letters would cost $1,656 annually.
  • Retail store visits to meet with children would cost another $2,648.
  • Giving Santa credit for his compulsive list checking, Insure.com threw in a conservative $510.
  • Managing elves isn’t easy. Factor in his labor negotiation skills and Santa would clear another $5,074 annually.
  • Other jobs  associated with the Santa Claus character include piloting his sleigh, taking care of reindeer and going down chimneys.

The full 2011 Santa Index can be found at Insure.com’s article, “The Santa Index: Santa’s duties worth $132,950.”

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