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Prudential's Policyholder Remediation Plan letters: You are eligible to receive the highest level of relief



We have completed our evaluation of your claim in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Process involving your above Prudential life insurance policy. This determination affects only this claim; you will receive separate notices if you have any other pending ADR claim(s). We are pleased to inform you that you are eligible to receive the highest level of relief available for the type of claim(s) described below. If you have any questions or believe there is an error in the amount(s) or the relief provided, or in the type of claim(s) described, please call the Customer Liaison Group at (800) 778-5659.

Prudential is offering you a choice of relief to address your claim. Before we can finish processing your claim, you must let us know which form or relief you prefer among the choices available.

Please read all these materials carefully about the relief available regarding your claim. Then make your choice on the enclosed Selection Form. The completed Selection Form and enclosed Tax Withholding Election Form must be returned to us by March 17, 1999.

Please do no hesitate to call me if you feel you do not completely understand your choices or if you need more specific information to make your selection.


Summary of Relief Choices

Based on a careful review of your claim and other information in your claim file, we have determined that all of the provisions of your life insurance policy may not have been fully explained to you when you purchased the policy. Therefore, we would like to offer you the following choices of relief:

This Choice essentially allows you to reverse the purchase of your policy and get money back.



[Editor's note: The above sentence is taken verbatim from Prudential's letter and appears to be the result of a computer glitch.]


This choice generally allows you to select the Basic Claim Relief options originally made available to you with the election materials for this plan. This option, however, may not be as valuable as the options listed above.

Each of these choices is described in more detail in the following attachment, along with general tax information.

Please note, however, Prudential cannot provide you with tax advice about the tax treatment of these choices of relief as applied to your individual situation. You should consult with your tax advisors as to how the general tax information applies to your individual situation. Any taxable income is generally reportable to you and the IRS by Prudential on a Form 1099-R and may be subject to withholding.

Amounts contained in this letter may not reflect recent transactions on your policy.

A Notice also is enclosed informing you that Prudential is considering reorganization from a mutual life insurance company to a stock life insurance company. Prudential will ensure that your choice of relief in the ADR Process now will not preclude your possible future right to participate if Prudential does demutualize, as the Notice more fully describes.


Making your Selection

To select the relief you desire, mark the box for that choice on the enclosed Selection Form. Please make sure that:

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