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A state-by-state guide to information about Prudential

Since insurance is regulated at the state level, Prudential policyholders should look to their state insurance departments for information on how to file a claim for restitution. If you are one of those policyholders and you haven't been following your own state's dealings with Prudential, we've compiled some links that might help.

Not every state insurance department has a Web site, and each site has different kinds of content, so if you don't find it here, try calling your insurance department. You can always check out Insure.com's state guide to insurance departments for information on how to do that.

There is also a toll-free line for Prudential policyholders (1-800-736-8913), but it is unclear whether this number is nationwide. Releases describe this number as "staffed by members of an independent entity hired by Prudential and monitored by both state regulators and attorneys for the class-action plaintiffs."

  • The Arizona Department of Insurance issued a press release dated November, 1996 that describes the rights and remedies available to Pru life customers. There is also contact information in the release if you have further questions.
  • California was one of the five states to hold out against a settlement. Their Web site has a listing of press releases by date, which includes all the press releases about California's battle with Prudential. As a policyholder, though, you might just want to read the release which outlines how to go about seeking restitution.
  • Florida also held out against settlement with Prudential, but you won't find much practical information on their site about who to contact if you are a policyholder. Try the Insurance Consumer Helpline at 1-800-342-2762.
  • Georgia settled with Prudential back in August of 1996. Here are the terms of the agreement.
  • Illinois issued two press releases, dated November 12, 1996 and July 9, 1996 which outline the terms of its settlement with Pru and include consumer contact information.
  • Kansas settled with Prudential in July, 1996. Their press release explains in detail both the settlement and the way the relief program works.
  • Louisiana settled in November, 1996.
  • The Michigan Insurance Bureau settled in November, 1996. Here are the details.
  • Nebraska agreed to a remediation plan in February, 1997.
  • Oregon settled back in July, 1996.
  • True to form, the Texas Department of Insurance issued a release in February telling about the big fine levied against Prudential. While it's an interesting read (some of Texas's negotiations will help policyholders nationwide), there is no contact information for policyholders. Try the 800-number listed above.
  • Virginia was another of the five states to hold out against settlement with Prudential. In February, it issued a press release outlining its agreement with the insurer.
  • Washington state has set up a special hotline for people with questions about Prudential.

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