Ask the Life Insurance Expert

My mother has a $10,000 term life policy purchased in 1994. She has paid over $12,000 in premiums. She has other life policies and needs money now. We contacted the company and they said she could cash it in for $5,000. Is this correct? Why can't she get the full $10,000 or at least the extra $2,000 she paid in?

What the heck did she buy? No one should have to pay more in premiums than the beneficiaries would receive death benefit.

Usually you can’t “cash in” a term life policy. Whether you want to take the money and run is up to you.

You mentioned she has other life insurance policies. Why? Does she need all that life insurance or does she have an aggressive life insurance agent who visits her a lot?

Last updated: Mar. 15, 2013
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