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Ask the Life Insurance Expert

If one insurance company denies or rejects me, does that mean that I cannot buy coverage from any other life insurance company for five years?

No, but your success in getting coverage depends on what led to the rejection. If you were just diagnosed with cancer, for instance, insurance companies will want wait until you've successfully completed treatment before issuing a policy.

You might benefit from the help of an impaired-risk specialist if you're having a hard time qualifying for life insurance. Impaired-risk specialists are independent life insurance agents who specialize in helping customers with certain medical conditions or risky lifestyles. These professionals know which companies offer the most competitively priced insurance for certain risks. Some insurers offer better prices for people with diabetes than other companies, for instance, and some are more lenient than others when it comes to cigar use and tobacco chewing. Still other insurers quote better rates for such activities as aviation or scuba diving.

Ask your insurance agency if it has an in-house specialist who deals with impaired risk. Former underwriters and former insurance company managers often make good impaired-risk specialists. If your life insurance agency doesn't have an impaired-risk specialist, look for an agent who's worked in the industry for at least 10 years and has experience finding life insurance for people with medical conditions.

For more, see how impaired-risk specialists find life insurance for people with medical problems.


Last updated: Apr. 20, 2011