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There is a nearby nuclear accident

nuclear radiation survival

According to FEMA, nearly 3 million U.S. residents live within 10 miles of an active nuclear facility.

 Emergency response plans for accidental radiation discharges typically contain two planning zones. The first encompasses a 10-mile radius around the power plant, where you may face direct radiation exposure. The second zone typically is up to a 50-mile radius from the plant, where radioactive materials may contaminate water supplies, plants and livestock.

If you can't evacuate, stay indoors to minimize your exposure. If you are trapped in a contaminated area, seek shelter underground or under the protection of heavy construction materials. Keep your food covered or in a refrigerator and be sure to turn off air conditioning, heat and ventilation fans.

If you are driving away from a contaminated area, keep your car windows and vents closed.

Determine your route according to the wind, which carries radioactive particles.

"If you have a westerly wind, go north or south," says Coyne. He recommends traveling at least 50 miles from the site of a nuclear discharge because greater distance means greater safety.

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