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Dad for president: How would your dad do in the White House?

Last updated June 13, 2016

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Dad for president

Each year for Father’s Day, Insure.com indexes the value of dads based on 13 popular jobs that they do around the house. This year, Dad’s “salary” dropped 3.8 percent to $24,738. 

Being a dad is a pretty important job, so we thought we’d see how he would fare at another important job: President of the United States. Not only do we think Dad could do an awesome job (he’s already pro at mediation between siblings and balancing the checkbook), but since his “salary” is only 6 percent of the $400,000 annual presidential salary, we think Dad could use the raise.

Insure.com asked 1000 people to imagine their dads as a presidential candidate? What’s his platform? What’s the first order of business in the White House, and where does he go for his first ride in Air Force One?

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