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The 10 most uninsurable celebrities


Insurance companies don’t value fearlessness and risk-taking. Unfortunately for the 10 celebrities below, their habits, jobs and checkered pasts could make them downright uninsurable. Hey, it’s nothing personal -- it’s simply good business sense.

insurance problems1. Lady Gaga: Cocaine, but not that much

    We’re thinking that the pop-n-punk queen of rock's recent admission to Vanity Fair about her “occasional” cocaine use will likely blow her life insurance chances. We hope she doesn’t try to lie about it, but drug use is one of the biggest lies told on life insurance applications.

    2. Criss Angel: Cheating death

    It won’t go over well at the insurance company when Criss Angel, the illusionist and stunt performer, writes down “cheating death” as his occupation on his life insurance application. But we imagine he doesn’t care. The host of “Mindfreak” is single with no children, and life insurance is probably not on his mind right now.

    3. Lindsay Lohan: Obviously

    After two DUIs and an at-fault car accident in the past few years, Lohan’s car insurance rates are sure to be sky-high. Furthermore, life insurance companies and health insurers are likely to be concerned about her substance abuse problems. For these same reasons, movie producers will have a tough time buying “cast insurance” to hire her.

    4. Charlie Sheen: Goodbye cars

    He’s had his Mercedes stolen from his home twice (in a gated community, no less) and it’s been recovered in a ravine each time. It appears someone is hell-bent on making sure Sheen can’t get affordable car insurance rates. In addition, his past addiction problems are likely an obstacle to life insurance.

    5. Danica Patrick: Fast lane

    If she doesn’t have any speeding tickets, the race car driver probably won’t have a problem finding a good car insurance quote. However, listing your occupation as “race car driver” on your life insurance policy is not going to produce the same results.

    6. Jack Hanna: Had to spray a bear

    The zookeeper and TV host of “Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures” might send life insurance companies running. Hanna made news in July when he faced off with a grizzly bear in Montana's Glacier National Park during a hike with his family. He repelled the bear with pepper spray, but his dangerous job will surely lead to pricey life insurance rates.

    7. Dog the Bounty Hunter: Mixed bag

    His criminal history, mixed with his dangerous occupation, could make him an undesirable applicant for life insurance. However, we’ve never seen him crash his SUV or get a ticket, so he might be able to find affordable auto insurance quotes for his business auto policy.

    8. John Chatterton: Underwater

    The scuba diver and host of the History Channel’s “Deep Sea Detectives” could find himself in hot water when it comes to purchasing life insurance.  Among other feats, Chatterton is known for extremely risky and deep diving. He’s among only a select few who have explored Britannica, a sister ship to the Titanic that rests in more than 400 feet underwater. Diving to depths more than 200 feet typically bounces you from life insurance contention.

    9. Larry King: Flippin’ healthy

    After he underwent a quadruple bypass surgery in 1987, Larry King quit smoking (he admitted to smoking three packs a day), started exercising and takes his medicine daily. He even formed the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, which helps those who cannot afford heart procedures.  While life insurance companies give people credit when they take measure to improve their health, King’s age (77) and his medical history still count against him.

    But perhaps more damning is that King bought and “flipped” two large life insurance policies, hoping to make a quick buck. Insurance companies don’t like it when you do that.

    10. David Copperfield: No magic insurance

    He can make the Statue of Liberty disappear, but he’ll need to use his magical powers of persuasion to conjure up affordable life insurance quotes for himself. Known for performing risky illusions like the “Escape from Death,” he once ended up in the hospital after almost drowning in a tank of water where he was shackled and handcuffed. Yikes – cross him off of the customer list!

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