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Triple X Update

Triple X Update

So far, 26 states have adopted Triple X, 13 are likely to adopt the regulation, seven are still reviewing it, three have proposed it, and two will not adopt it.

Alabama Adopted
Alaska Likely to adopt
Arizona Adopted
Arkansas Adopted
California Proposed
Colorado Adopted
Connecticut Under review
Delaware Likely to adopt
District of Columbia Likely to adopt
Florida Likely to adopt
Georgia Likely to adopt
Hawaii Under Review
Idaho Proposed
Illinois Adopted
Indiana Adopted
Iowa Adopted
Kansas Adopted
Kentucky Likely to adopt
Louisiana Likely to adopt
Maine Adopted
Maryland Adopted
Massachusetts Under review
Michigan Under review
Minnesota Adopted
Mississippi Under review
Missouri Under review
Montana Adopted
Nebraska Adopted
Nevada Adopted
New Hampshire Likely to adopt
New Jersey Likely to adopt
New Mexico Adopted
New York Likely to adopt
North Carolina Adopted
North Dakota Adopted
Ohio Adopted
Oklahoma Adopted
Oregon Adopted
Pennsylvania Proposed
Rhode Island Adopted
South Carolina Likely to adopt
South Dakota Not adopted
Tennessee Not adopted
Texas Adopted
Utah Adopted
Vermont Adopted
Virginia Adopted
Washington Likely to adopt
West Virginia Likely to adopt
Wisconsin Adopted
Wyoming Under review
Source: American Council of Life Insurers (last updated on Feb. 28, 2000)

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