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Long-term care insurance resources

What Consumers Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance, from the American Health Care Association, offers a detailed account of long- term care insurance. It includes such topics as when to buy long term care insurance, what to look for in a policy, financial issues, selecting a good company, the cost of premiums, and filing complaints.

Long-Term Care Insurance Buyer's Advocate is sponsored by the National Advisory Council for Long-Term Care Insurance Planning. It offers information about personal rate comparisons, family issues, statistics, insider buying tips, and what makes a good long term care policy.

Americans for Long-Term Care Security was launched in March 1999 in conjunction with the Health Insurance Association of America and other groups to tout the importance of preparing for long-term care and private sector financing to purchase long-term care insurance. Its Web site, still young itself, offers some useful but basic information about long-term care, as well as information about joining ALTCS, contacting your legislators, and a future-cost calculator — which is not yet functional.

The Health Care Financing Administration Web site is detailed and informative for people who will rely on Medicaid to finance their long term care needs. (Note: Long-term care expenses are generally not covered by Medicare or by most employers' major medical insurance. Medicaid will cover it only after your assets are depleted and you qualify for Medicaid assistance.) This site will tell you everything you need to know about such topics as nursing facilities for people age 21 and over, hospice services, rehabilitation services, physical and occupational therapy, and home health services, among other things.

Mr. Long-Term Care bills itself as the "Internet's most comprehensive long-term care information source." The site features special reports about long-term care, interviews with state and national officials, such as Jimmy Carter, and news items. It also offers an "expert's corner," links to advocacy groups, and information about eldercare. Just who is "Mr. Long Term Care?" He is Martin Bayne, co-founder of The National Long-Term Care Policy Institute Inc., a not-for-profit advocacy foundation, and founder of the 20-50 Club, a national support group for physically disabled adults.

A Big Decision for Women: Should I Buy Long-Term Care Insurance? Long-term care insurance is a particularly important issue for women. They generally live longer, so when they need long-term care, chances are their husband won't be around to take care of them. It's also possible the couple's assets were used during any illnesses he may have had in his final days. This article, from an issue of the Women & Aging Letter, was published by the National Policy and Resource Center on Women and Aging with support from the U.S. Administration on Aging.

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