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5 long term care salespitches to beware of

Salespitch 2: The state insurance department approved this policy!

Another pitch is to imply that the state insurance department endorses a long term care policy. Although the policy may be approved for sale in your state, that doesn't mean it's a good one to purchase. State approval means only that the policy met the minimum standards required by law.

The salesperson might also boast that the policy has a "free look" period. The truth, however, is that the "free look" period is required by law for all long term care policies. It isn't a perk you can only find with the policy that any one particular agent is selling. With the "free look" entitlement, the buyer has a period of time - usually 30 days - to review and return the policy and receive a complete refund.

In every state, there are safeguards in place to protect people who buy insurance. Laws mandate certain coverages. Before you buy a long term care policy, always find out what features the policy must contain. By doing so, you'll make sure that a salesperson isn't touting as a special feature something that every policy in the state has to have.

You can find out what's required in your state by contacting your state insurance department. Choose your state from the drop-down menu at the top of Insure.com's state insurance gateway, and contact information will be on the resulting page.

No. 1: You should buy a long-term care policy because it's a write-off!

No. 2: The state insurance department approved this policy!

No. 3: With the policy you have now, you're going to be really sorry someday!

No. 4: If you buy now, you'll lock in the price forever!

No. 5: Don't worry about the financial rating of the company!

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