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Last updated June 15, 2009

About Phoenix Life Insurance Company

Founded in 1851 as the American Temperance Life Insurance Company, the Phoenix Life Insurance Company offers solutions to business and personal financial needs through life insurance and annuities.  Through their subsidiary company, Philadelphia Financial Group, they offer private placement products to investors and purchasers.  Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, the company has over 1,100 employees as of December 2008.

Phoenix Life Insurance Says

Although Phoenix Life Insurance Company offers a variety of financial services and insurance products such as estate planning strategies, annuities, and income strategies, their primary focus is centered on permanent  universal, variable, and whole life insurance.  Their universal policies provide flexible premiums, flexible death benefits, and tax-deferred cash accumulation.  Their variable policies combine the features in universal with additional investment choices and subaccounts. Lastly, their whole life policies offer guaranteed fixed premim payments.

Contact Phoenix Life Insurance Company at:

Phoenix Life Insurance Company
56 Prospect St.
Hartford, CT  
Telephone: (800) 628-1936

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