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Last Updated Jul. 9, 2004

Customers of Travelers Property Casualty, a Hartford, Conn., based company, can now take claims to the company's Web site: The site can handle claims for auto and homeowners policies, as well as for commercial business customers.

A policyholder goes to the claims portion of the Web site and fills in the details of the policy, such as their name and address, and then fills in the details of their claim, such as where and when the accident happened and the extent of the any injuries. After the form is submitted, a Travelers claims representative calls to complete the claims process. If the customer prefers to speak with a Travelers claims representative in person, a section of the website will help locate a claims office nearby.

The website also has a section to help finding repair shops for auto glass and auto body repairs, and a segment of hints on how to deal with storm related damage.

In addition, customers can go online to find the status of any claims with the company, at the same website location.