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County Plan Name Total Medicare beneficiaries in county Total who will be dropped by plan* Medicare HMOs left in county
ApachePremier Healthcare Inc.6,4000
GrahamPremier Healthcare Inc.4,2611,2420
GreenleePremier Healthcare Inc.1,0882130
MaricopaBlue Cross/Shield of Ariz.3,65,00110,1847
MaricopaUnited Healthcare of Ariz.3,65,0015,0347
MohaveHealth Plan of Nev. Inc.32,7593,4701
NavajoPremier Healthcare Inc.10,992500
PimaBlue Cross/Shield of Ariz.1,26,3993,3175
PimaHumana Health Plan Inc.1,26,3991,6175
PinalBlue Cross/Shield of Ariz.24,6933615
PinalHumana Health Plan Inc.24,6932,2835
PinalUnited Healthcare of Ariz.24,6931065
Santa CruzPremier Healthcare Inc.4,7031
YumaPremier Healthcare Inc.18,2053,0100
Total affected enrollees30,887
Total enrollees with no other Medicare HMO plan4,515

* A dash in this column means fewer than 10 customers affected