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County Plan Name Total Medicare beneficiaries in county Total who will be dropped by plan* Medicare HMOs left in county
AllenOchsner Health Plan3,4692880
AscensionUnited Health Care of Louisiana7,0291,0284
AssumptionOchsner Health Plan3,142502
AvoyellesOchsner Health Plan7,2108510
BeauregardOchsner Health Plan4,8196800
BienvilleOchsner Health Plan3,2133520
BossierOchsner Health Plan11,2581,4690
CaddoOchsner Health Plan39,5413,3380
CalcasieuOchsner Health Plan26,2872,0930
CameronOchsner Health Plan890560
CatahoulaOchsner Health Plan2,0571860
ClaiborneOchsner Health Plan3,0534510
ConcordiaOchsner Health Plan3,5492200
De SotoOchsner Health Plan4,3904760
East Baton RougeUnited Health Care of Louisiana46,3585,7174
East FelicianaUnited Health Care of Louisiana2,8932602
EvangelineOchsner Health Plan6,2683251
GrantOchsner Health Plan2,9192100
IbervilleUnited Health Care of Louisiana4,5595572
JeffersonUnited Health Care of Louisiana63,7883,6065
Jefferson DavisOchsner Health Plan5,0944820
LafourcheUnited Health Care of Louisiana11,9672283
La SalleOchsner Health Plan2,6021090
LincolnOchsner Health Plan5,430440
LivingstonUnited Health Care of Louisiana9,1201,9164
NatchitochesOchsner Health Plan5,7608260
OrleansUnited Health Care of Louisiana69,6421,9065
PlaqueminesUnited Health Care of Louisiana3,1731363
Pointe CoupeeOchsner Health Plan3,4521941
RapidesOchsner Health Plan20,6481,3980
Red RiverOchsner Health Plan1,6033410
SabineOchsner Health Plan4,3156520
Saint BernardUnited Health Care of Louisiana11,1631425
Saint CharlesUnited Health Care of Louisiana5,0582865
Saint JamesOchsner Health Plan2,883702
Saint JamesUnited Health Care of Louisiana2,8831012
St John The BaptistUnited Health Care of Louisiana4,2631404
Saint LandryOchsner Health Plan14,966921
Saint TammanyUnited Health Care of Louisiana22,2593135
VernonOchsner Health Plan4,9035680
WashingtonUnited Health Care of Louisiana8,1093522
WebsterOchsner Health Plan8,3428360
West Baton RougeUnited Health Care of Louisiana2,6005443
West FelicianaOchsner Health Plan1,049701
Total affected enrollees33,959
Total enrollees with no other Medicare HMO plan15,926

* a dash in this column means fewer than 10 customers affected