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County Plan Name Total Medicare beneficiaries in county Total who will be dropped by plan* Medicare HMOs left in county
AlleganyFree State Health Plan15,6158080
CalvertFree State Health Plan7,2437760
CarolineFree State Health Plan4,6318890
CarrollFree State Health Plan19,7221,9202
CecilFree State Health Plan10,0517240
CecilUnited Healthcare of the Mid-Atlantic Inc.10,0516640
CharlesFree State Health Plan9,9891513
DorchesterFree State Health Plan5,8151,1120
FrederickFree State Health Plan19,3885051
GarrettFree State Health Plan4,5773400
KentFree State Health Plan4,5557480
Queen AnnesFree State Health Plan4,7847320
Saint MarysFree State Health Plan8,2144580
SomersetFree State Health Plan3,9984960
TalbotFree State Health Plan7,2281,3070
WashingtonFree State Health Plan20,4251,1220
WicomicoFree State Health Plan11,9731,5870
WorcesterFree State Health Plan9,8571,1820
Total affected enrollees15,521
Total enrollees with no other Medicare HMO plan12,945

* a dash in this column means fewer than 10 customers affected