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CountyPlan NameTotal Medicare beneficiaries in countyTotal who will be dropped by plan*Medicare HMOs left in county
CherokeeBluelincs HMO Inc.5,582261
ComancheBluelincs HMO Inc.12,714220
CottonBluelincs HMO Inc.1,2900
GarvinBluelincs HMO Inc.6,107581
GradyBluelincs HMO Inc.6,3691483
KiowaBluelincs HMO Inc.2,424160
LincolnBluelincs HMO Inc.4,9031151
McclainBluelincs HMO Inc.3,8701043
McintoshBluelincs HMO Inc.4,812691
MuskogeeBluelincs HMO Inc.12,9381641
PayneBluelincs HMO Inc.8,1863381
RogersBluelincs HMO Inc.7,6381302
TillmanBluelincs HMO Inc.1,9560
Total affected enrollees1,190
Total enrollees with no other Medicare HMO plan38

* a dash in this column means fewer than 10 customers affected