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County Plan Name Total Medicare beneficiaries in county Total who will be dropped by plan* Medicare HMOs left in county
AtascosaHumana Health Plan of Texas4,2814641
BeeHumana Health Plan of Texas3,5321640
BrazoriaHumana Health Plan of Texas23,7078606
CaldwellHumana Health Plan of Texas4,255831
CampHealthcare Partners Plans Inc.2,318600
CherokeeHealthcare Partners Plans Inc.6,9111851
CollinCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc., N. Texas23,4211204
ComalHumana Health Plan of Texas12,4841642
DallasCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc., N. Texas2,08,0166954
DallasHMO Blue, Northeast Texas2,08,0165634
DallasHumana Health Plan of Texas2,08,0168,0804
DentonCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc., N. Texas21,127954
DentonHumana Health Plan of Texas21,1271,1714
EllisCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc., N. Texas12,092454
EllisHMO Blue, Northeast Texas12,092874
Fort BendHumana Health Plan of Texas17,6346906
FranklinHealthcare Partners Plans Inc.1,385710
GalvestonUnited Healthcare Of Texas Inc., Houston31,4137
GraysonCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc., N. Texas18,8081,2801
GreggHealthcare Partners Plans Inc.19,5344440
HarrisUnited Healthcare Of Texas Inc., Houston2,81,732557
HaysHumana Health Plan of Texas8,1365552
HendersonHealthcare Partners Plans Inc.10,2161,0810
HoodHumana Health Plan of Texas7,9117283
HuntCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc., N. Texas10,996622
JohnsonCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc., N. Texas15,304124
JohnsonHMO Blue, Northeast Texas15,304534
JohnsonHumana Health Plan of Texas15,304204
KaufmanCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc., N. Texas12,828774
KlebergHumana Health Plan of Texas3,6151541
MontgomeryUnited Healthcare of Texas Inc., Houston26,835297
ParkerCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc., N. Texas9,591123
RockwallCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc., N. Texas3,527104
RuskHealthcare Partners Plans Inc.6,9491691
SmithHealthcare Partners Plans Inc.27,4371,3111
SomervellHumana Health Plan of Texas8341
TarrantCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc., N. Texas1,33,4043384
TarrantHMO Blue, Northeast Texas1,33,4042454
TarrantHumana Health Plan of Texas1,33,4044,0424
TravisHumana Health Plan of Texas62,0975,9712
UpshurHealthcare Partners Plans Inc.6,0213540
Van ZandtHealthcare Partners Plans Inc.8,3452541
WilliamsonHumana Health Plan of Texas17,6754052
WoodHealthcare Partners Plans Inc.8,1514590
Total affected enrollees31,717
Total enrollees with no other Medicare HMO plan2,633

* a dash in this column means fewer than 10 customers affected