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County Plan Name Total Medicare beneficiaries in county Total who will be dropped by plan* Medicare HMOs left in county
Chesapeake CityOptima Health Plan19,9021,6610
ChesterfieldHealthkeepers Inc.20,8403481
GloucesterOptima Health Plan4,488510
GoochlandHealthkeepers Inc.1,967961
Hampton CityOptima Health Plan17,8171,5670
HanoverHealthkeepers Inc.11,7823751
HenricoHealthkeepers Inc.28,8788981
Isle Of WightOptima Health Plan4,0831830
James CityOptima Health Plan1,994500
Newport News CityOptima Health Plan21,3171,2380
Norfolk CityOptima Health Plan29,8953,1370
Portsmouth CityOptima Health Plan16,5521,1620
Poquoson CityOptima Health Plan723520
PowhatanHealthkeepers Inc.2,229161
Richmond CityHealthkeepers Inc.39,2509931
Suffolk CityOptima Health Plan7,0603770
Virginia Beach CityOptima Health Plan38,9324,0190
Williamsburg CityOptima Health Plan6,3501540
YorkOptima Health Plan6,8052780
Total affected enrollees16,655
Total enrollees with no other Medicare HMO plan13,929

* a dash in this column means fewer than 10 customers affected