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What kind of president would he be?

Last updated: June 13, 2016

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President Kennedy

You may be able to liken your dad to some well-known American presidents. After all, Dad and POTUS have a lot of similar characteristics: leader, negotiator, peacemaker, commander, diplomat, just to name a few. Don’t see it? Just think of all those fights he had to mediate between you and your sibling. Nearly 22 percent of respondents see similarity between their dads and President Kennedy. 

  • 21.7% -- American Royalty – John F. Kennedy
  • 19.8% -- The Great Communicator – Ronald Reagan
  • 16.8% -- Champion of Unity – Abraham Lincoln
  • 15.5% -- Environmental activist – Theodore Roosevelt
  • 13.8% -- Life of the party -- Bill Clinton
  • 12.4% -- Would never tell a lie – George Washington
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