Survey Shows Medicare for All Increasingly Wins for Health Reform

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Yet, only 9% of respondents express willingness to accept a significant tax hike to pay for it


Foster City, CA – February 26, 2020 –Medicare for all health reform was the most popular health reform  in a just published survey of 1,000 people, with 25% of respondents favoring that approach over other options. This is up from last fall’s survey results showing 21% indicating that Medicare for all is the best approach to reforming health care.


The survey also finds growing support (23%) for improving the Affordable Care Act rather than other reforms, such as a public option. The public option dropped in support since last fall’s survey.


Insure’s managing editor, Les Masterson, observes that health reform preferences are different depending upon the type of coverage respondents currently have. But, what most of those surveyed have in common is a preference to pay as little as nothing to 5% more in taxes to cover the cost of a Medicare for all program.


“Twenty-three percent (23%) of respondents say they have no objection to Medicare for all, but are unwilling to incur any amount of tax increase to implement the program,” explains Masterson. “Of those willing to accept a higher tax bill, the largest portion of respondents, 23%, indicate they are willing to pay a tax increase of up to 5%.”


Interestingly, two-thirds of those who currently have Medicare or Medicaid coverage say they do not support a Medicare for all approach and do not want any tax increases related to that type of health reform.


As election activity heats up, consumers’ preferences on health reform are evolving. Below are changes levels of support for health reform options among those currently receiving coverage through their employers:


              Reform type                  Fall, 2019          Winter, 2020

              No reform                       8%                       15%

              Medicare for all            16%                     24%

              Repeal ACA                    19%                     16%

              Improve ACA                  7%                       24%                    


The complete survey results are available: /health-insurance/health-reform-survey. These can be compared to those in Insure’s earlier survey on the same topic: survey fall 2019’s managing editor, Les Masterson, is available to draw conclusions from recent surveys and discuss consumer preferences on health reform.



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