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My wife backed out of the garage and hit my car in the driveway. Can we make a claim on our liability policy?

car insurance claims against yourselfYou can’t make a claim for yourself on your own liability coverage. However, Rick Ward, director of auto claims for MetLife Auto & Home, says you typically would be covered if you have a collision policy. Unlike basic liability coverage, which pays for the harm you cause to others, collision coverage pays to repair your own car in the event of an accident.

Often, insurance companies that hold the policies on both vehicles in this type of accident will waive one or both of the deductibles.

Tully Lehman, a spokesperson for the Insurance Information Network of California (IINC), says that in such cases where the drivers have different insurance providers, the company representing the driver who backed into the parked car likely would cover the damages.

"It is the responsibility of the driver backing out of the driveway to make certain that the path is clear," explains Lehman.

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