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The cost of car insurance is determined by many factors, such as where you live and your driving history. We’re here to make getting an affordable policy easier.

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Getting the right coverage is important — a robust policy can save you from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages after an accident. But affording that coverage is equally as important. Our comprehensive guide helps you find the policy you need at a price that works for you.

Factors that affect your auto insurance rates

Where you live Where you live
When determining how much you pay for auto insurance, insurance companies analyze your neighborhood’s claims history, including accidents, vandalism, and thefts. They also look at state-level regulations that impact pricing.
Your car Your car
The type of car you drives impacts how much you pay for auto insurance. To help set a rate, car insurers check the claims history for your vehicle’s make and model, the cost to repair your vehicle, the car’s safety record and the purchase price.
Your age Your age
Teens and young drivers pay more for car insurance than older drivers because insurance companies view them as more likely to get into accidents and file claims.
Your driving record Your driving record
Your driving record determines how much you pay because it shows insurers how likely you are to file a claim. Drivers with tickets, accidents, or a DUI pay more for coverage than drivers with clean records.

Best car insurance companies

Check out Insure’s best car insurance companies to see which insurers got the highest marks from consumers and our staff of experts.

How much car insurance costs in your state

Car insurance rates vary in each state. Select your state from the list below to get an estimate of how much car insurance costs where you live.

Alabama $1,542/Year
Alaska $1,359/Year
Arizona $1,617/Year
Arkansas $1,597/Year
California $2,115/year
Colorado $1,940/Year
Connecticut $1,750/Year
Delaware $2,137/Year
Florida $2,560/Year
Georgia $1,647/Year
Hawaii $1,306/Year
Idaho $1,121/Year
Illinois $1,578/Year
Indiana $1,256/Year
Iowa $1,321/Year
Kansas $1,594/Year
Kentucky $2,105/Year
Louisiana $2,546/Year
Maine $1,116/Year
Maryland $1,640/Year
Massachusetts $1,538/Year
Michigan $2,133/Year
Minnesota $1,493/Year
Mississippi $1,606/Year
Missouri $2,104/Year
Montana $1,692/Year
Nebraska $2,018/Year
Nevada $2,023/Year
New Hampshire $1,307/Year
New Jersey $1,901/Year
New Mexico $1,505/Year
New York $2,020/Year
North Carolina $1,368/Year
North Dakota $1,419/Year
Ohio $1,023/Year
Oklahoma $1,797/Year
Oregon $1,244/Year
Pennsylvania $1,445/Year
Rhode Island $1,845/Year
South Carolina $1,894/Year
South Dakota $1,581/Year
Tennessee $1,373/Year
Texas $1,875/Year
Utah $1,469/Year
Vermont $1,158/Year
Virginia $1,321/Year
Washington $1,371/Year
West Virginia $1,610/Year
Wisconsin $1,499/Year
Wyoming $1,736/Year

Car insurance advisor

Being underinsured leaves you on the hook if you get into an accident. Our car insurance advisor can help you figure out if you have enough coverage by answering a few questions about your car insurance coverage. Start using car insurance advisor
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