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Self-inflicted car insurance wounds: I crashed into myself!

Last updated Nov. 3, 2011

car insurance claimsDrivers often are their own worst enemies, causing car insurance claims and failing to recognize the things they could have done -- or not done -- to avoid them.

Penny Gusner, consumer analyst for, says most car accidents can be avoided. A frequent cause of claims is driver distraction. With devices like GPS tools, BlackBerrys and iPhones competing for your attention, you may find yourself multi-tasking when you should be keeping your eyes and your mind on the road.

"People are just inattentive nowadays, it seems," Gusner says. "They are texting when they get in their car. They are trying to answer the phone. Most things people do [to cause accidents] seem to be preventable."

Fortunately, your auto insurance policy often covers damage that’s due to your own bad judgment.

Read on for eight self-inflicted car insurance wounds and how your insurance will help you out – or not.

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